"It all started with a boot!"

     About how he discovered his talent to shape wood with a chainsaw, Michael can not say much. I just remembered that a few years ago, went shopping and saw a variety of boot clay larger, which would be perfectly suited to support the flower garden. When he got home, he sought a log and started modeling ... with a chainsaw.

     And I went. Not perfect, because it was the first attempt! But the first step had been made, the microbe penetrated into consciousness and that gave him the courage to try other projects: "The first two I kept boots, garden are now nor have I protected to remind me happy the first moments. They followed other things, grouse, bear, horse heads, paintings etc. I'm inspired by nature, sometimes on the internet or things I like. "
     Michael does not work after sketches, no special knowledge about projects and drawing but his works are properly proportioned and tastefully made. All details of the chainsaw running then polished with sandpaper and painted them for protection.